Our Mission:



The Stark County Hunger Task Force fights hunger in our community by providing financial, logistic, strategic, and food support to our network of local emergency food pantries.


Our Vision:



We believe our work does more than just provide free groceries to those in need: we ease anxiety, inspire hope, and promote wellness. By alleviating hunger in Stark County, we are building a stronger community.

Our Values:

Compassion: In any community, a number of individuals will experience a crisis during their lifetimes, in which they are unable to provide adequate food for themselves and their families. We strive to satisfy this basic need with a caring hand, treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Hope: When a visitor comes to us for a hand up, we meet them with a bag… a bag full of groceries, of course, but also with a small dash of hope that things will be better soon.

Generosity: It is only through the generosity of our friends and neighbors that we are able to provide free groceries to the food insecure in Stark County.

Zeal: Our passion and commitment to Stark County drive our mission.  Through hard work and raised awareness, we will alleviate hunger in our community.