Pantry Resources

Welcome to the Pantry Place — a resource page for SCHTF pantry directors and volunteers! Here you’ll find important documents available for download, and you can also access the ONLINE Pantry Monthly Numbers submission form.

Pantry Documents

Food Safety Regulations
TEFAP Form (Spanish)
Letter of Proxy Form
Letter of Proxy Form (Spanish)
Annual SCHTF survey
Rules and Regulations
Sample data collection spreadsheet (Excel)
All Ears Meeting Agendas and Minutes


2016 Pantry Surveys


Calculation Cheat Sheet Guide for 2016 Pantry Survey (PDF)

Every pantry/program within the SCHTF network is required to submit Monthly Numbers.  The report must be submitted to the SCHTF by the 10th of each month which includes the previous month’s report.  Even if your pantry/program was not operating within the previous month, submit a report with “0”s for that month.  Pantries/programs that do not submit monthly numbers are subject to consequences.

Thank you for your time, kind hearts and dedication to fighting hunger in Stark County.

Pantry Monthly Numbers Form