2016 Pantry Survey

Dear Pantry Director,

Each year, we ask our network of 30+ pantries to complete a short survey. The information gathered will assist the SCHTF in future assessments of our funding to your pantry and assist in collecting future funding as a whole.  Your cooperation is appreciated and required for future financial support.

In order to complete the survey fully, you will need:

  • Your 2016 ACRFB Network Member Report
  • Your total monthly budget for food, including from the SCHTF and non-SCHTF sources
  • Number of people served per month/Statistical reports
  • …to do some math!

Not mathematically inclined? Confused by one or more of the calculations/questions in the survey? Check out the handy “Calculations Guide” if you need a little help. And as always, you can reach us by office phone or email with questions. 

Thanks for your time, and all that you do!

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